These images were taken using my own telescopes
and cameras. The majority of the images were taken at
Bonny Doon Airport (Santa Cruz), Borregos Springs or the Golden State Star Party (Adin, CA).

One of the Vendors at the 2019 Advanced Imaging Conference
in San Jose was a new company by the name of Telescope Live. They run a network of remotely
operated telescopes of various sizes in Australia, Spain and Chile. These are the images that I've taken
using telescopes in all three continents.
I just select the object to image, which filters to use, length of exposure and how many exposures to take. Once they are all taken I can download them and do all of the processing myself. It's been very rewarding to work with professional quality equipment and data. 

Except as noted all images Copyright by Ron Yelton and may not be used without permission.